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Sponsor a Pilgrim
Walk to Emmaus Sponsorship
Sponsorship is the most important role in the Emmaus community. God passes His love from person to person and as a sponsor you will underline that fact by passing on your Emmaus experience to another. Your aim in sponsorship should not be to get all your friends to go or to fix everyone's problems, but to build up the Body of Christ. Emmaus' purpose is to bring renewal to Christians so that they will go home and bring renewal to their homes, churches, and communities.

Do you know someone who shows potential in Christian leadership? Do you know someone who yearns for answers to their questions and to find a deeper faith? Then that is who you should sponsor!

Anyone who has participated in the Walk to Emmaus (or other recognized Fourth Day Movements) may sponsor a Pilgrim. The only additional requirement is that you are confident you can fulfill all sponsorship responsibilities. Prayfully consider if you are able to handle the duties found on the sponsor's checklist.   Additional information can be found in this presentation.

Follow these steps for sponsorship:
  • Pray for God's direction in whom to sponsor and for their openness.
  • Discuss the retreat with your potential pilgrim and their family. Share what the Walk to Emmaus meant to you. Refer them to this website.
  • Print out the sponsorship form, read and complete.
  • Give your intended pilgrim a registration form and follow up. But never force anyone to go on a Walk to Emmaus!
  • Submit the completed forms to the registrar as soon as possible.
  • Continue in prayer for your pilgrim and get started on your sponsorship responsibilities.

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