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Agape Love
Walks are a wonderful way for you to consider serving and giving back to new pilgrims.   Remember all those wonderful little gifts of love you found on your pillow at night - or how about the fun things on your tables - or the snack breaks with loads of snacks that filled you to overflowing!  Those acts of love were given by community members, reunion groups and friends as agape to show their love for those pilgrims.
Below you will find some ideas for different types of Agape needed throughout the weekend.
  • Green Agape – used for scholarships to help others attend
  • Snack Agape – bottled water, fruit pieces crackers, nuts, trail mix, candy, pretzels, cheese bites, bite-size brownies or bars, cupcakes – basically anything that YOU would like to snack on.
  • Pillow Agape – scripture messages, or acronyms like F.R.O.G (Fully rely on God), bookmarks, crosses, inspirational messages, angels, rainbows, poetry, prayers, pencils, pens etc.
  • Table Agape – same as above with candy, small toys, play dough, pencils, pens, crayons, etc.
  • Saturday Night Dinner Agape – items a little more elegant – halo's, angels, flowers, crosses, Hershey kisses, dove chocolates, and napkins 
You are encouraged to use your imagination to show your love of the pilgrims.  You will need 80 of each item for pillow and table agape to cover both weekends.
If you are unable to get these items to the walk location either through a team member or sponsor, contact the Board Agape Chair at agape@mnemmaus.org and we will arrange to pick it up from you and get it to the walk weekends.
Beside those acts of agape listed above – consider these Miscellaneous Agape Ideas
  • Sponsor a Pilgrim
  • Attend Sponsors Hour
  • Volunteer to decorate or serve or play music Saturday Night
  • Attend Candlelight
  • Attend closing
  • Take a slot or two or more on the Prayer Chart
  • Write a letter to a Pilgrim you know
  • Say “yes” when asked to serve on a team.

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